Michael Rothman

July 25, 2024 @ 4:00 pm EST

Mike Rothman is the President and Founder of Cornerstone Analytics, a macro-energy research firm that analyzes key market fundamentals involving supply, demand and geopolitics that influence the price of energy commodities and investment instruments. Mike previously founded ISI’s energy research platform in 2005, where he was #1 ranked for Independent Energy Research by Institutional Investor Magazine. Prior, Mike was Chief Energy Strategist and Co-Head of the Global Energy Equity Team at Merrill Lynch, which was ranked #1 in the Global Research Survey by Institutional Investor Magazine. With 37 years of researching the global energy markets and 35 years of attending OPEC meetings, Mike has forged deep industry contacts and cultivated unmatched insights that are relied upon by clients that include asset managers, commodity traders, oil companies, OPEC nations, and government organizations. Mike is a frequent guest speaker on Bloomberg and CNBC, a contributor to leading financial publications, and a keynote speaker at industry conferences around the globe. Cornerstone Analytics publishes a daily report and helps clients with research requests through email, conference calls, and in-office visits.

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