Endorsements from Industry Thought Leaders

David is followed by some of the world’s most respected names in the financial sector.

“David Rosenberg is one of the world’s most experienced and meticulous observers of global financial markets. If anyone is going to spot the next crisis before it engulfs us, it will be ‘Rosie,’ who has an uncanny sixth sense especially when it comes to reading the U.S. economy. He also offers the kind of insight, based on decades of hard work, that is never going to be replaceable by an algorithm. I have long admired his approach, and never cease to learn from him.”


Niall Ferguson

Milbank Family Senior Fellow, the Hoover Institution, Stanford, and author of The Ascent of Money

“David Rosenberg’s work excels in breadth, depth, objectivity and usefulness. He incorporates the messages of market movements into a solid academic framework to formulate concrete, actionable investment advice. A succinct description of the value of his work was given by Dave himself in one of his widely read “Breakfast with Dave” memos: “What investors need most….is a detective, not a cheerleader.” Rosie fills that void.”


Jeffery Gundlach

CEO, Doubleline

“Dave Rosenberg is one of the best observers and analysts of the economic and investment scenes. His daily reports contain a wealth of information on the U.S., Canadian and foreign economics, including important but often overlooked developments. While most Wall Street seers are paid to be bullish on economics and stocks, Dave is one of the very few to take negative stances when backed by hard evidence. His unbiased perspective is especially important to investors today as global recession looms but is not yet discounted in security markets.”


A. Gary Shilling

President of A. Gary Shilling & Co.

“From his perch in Toronto, David Rosenberg provides uncanny insights into the world’s economies and its markets. His often out-of-consensus market calls have proven to be money makers for all of us. Even though I have been doing strategy work for more than half a century, I always learn something from David’s work.”


Byron Wien

Investor and Vice Chairman of Blackstone Advisory Partners, a subsidiary of the Blackstone Group

“David Rosenberg’s greatest attribute is not his mind, as formidable a piece of analytical equipment as it is. Nor is it his superlative forecasting record, as enviable as that is. His greatest attribute is rather his heart. He forms his views without fear and without favor, and he is unshakable when he thinks he’s found the truth, which he so often does.”


James Grant

Writer and publisher, Grant’s Interest Rate Observer

“I have followed David’s research for decades and have constantly found it to be honest, informative and thought-provoking. His greatest contribution for me is his ability to take his economic wisdom to a completely different level for investors, one that helps guide them in their financial decision-making process.”


Leon G. Cooperman

Former Goldman Sachs partner and chairman; CEO and founder, Omega Family Office

“It has long been my observation that the best use for economists and their forecasts is to find out when they all agree and become a consensus. Then at least you know what is least likely to happen. Dave Rosenberg is an exception. He takes strong positions against consensus thinking and is not afraid to dig deep in support of his arguments. Like any of us, he may not always be right or sometimes too soon, but his thorough analysis has been on the money often enough to make his ideas provocative and well worth listening to.”


Bob Farrell

Former Chief Markets Strategist, Merrill Lynch

“David Rosenberg is an outstanding economist who has shown a keen insight into the US and global economy for three decades. His abilities to see through the maze of conflicting and inherently volatile economic statistics has been demonstrated time and again. He possesses a tremendous intellect. His prodigious work ethic explains his willingness to dig as deep as necessary to discover relevant facts in an increasingly complex economic environment. Not only is his analytical approach of the highest order, he is a tremendously capable and strong presenter of those views. David is prescient, well-reasoned and flexible. Words are insufficient to express our admiration for his one-of-a-kind research.”


Van Hoisington and Lacy H. Hunt, PhD

Hoisington Investment Management Company

“There are only a handful of economists I follow, and David Rosenberg is one of them. He is one of the few whose views I can actually invest around. Most of all, I admire his courage in often going against the consensus forecast, and based on my own experience over the years, he is a voice worth listening to.”


Dick Strong

Strong Mutual Funds

“In a business where most economists work backwards from the conclusion they believe will be most well-received, David isn’t afraid to say what he believes. A beacon of intellectual integrity, his conclusions are based purely on his analysis of the data — an analysis, which after years of experience, is second to none.”


Stephanie Pomboy

President, MacroMavens

“David’s research is a must-read for me every morning. His willingness to take a contrarian view, always backed up with hard data, is valuable for anyone interested in seeing around corners.”


Seth Klarman

CEO and portfolio manager, The Baupost Group

“Dave is both an incisive and creative analyst. He does not waste time treading over the obvious, which makes him unique and valuable.”


Paul Tudor Jones

Founder, Tudor Investment Corporation

“David is a reliable voice with years of experience and wisdom. Listen.”


Dr. Pippa Malmgren

Former Economic Advisor to President George W. Bush

“I have found many of Dave’s reports to be insightful and quite compelling.”


Carl Icahn

Businessman, investor, philanthropist

“I have had the pleasure to work with David for 10 years. His depth and breadth of knowledge on economics is impressive. He is always a draw at conferences and clients are always very interested in hearing his views on both the economy and markets.”


Jeannine LiChong

Executive Vice President & Portfolio Manager, Waratah Capital Advisors Ltd.

“David Rosenberg is an independent minded, thoughtful and sometimes provocative observer of the world around us. His commentary offers insights often missed by others and arms the reader with important information on which to base investment decisions.”


Nancy Lockhart

Corporate Director

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